Welcome to Wiehenstahl

We are a young start-up company from Hüllhorst. After we started in 2019 to measure bodybuilders all over Germany to develop our own shirt cut, we are on the market with our first shirt collection since mid 2021.

  • The IDEA

    Every athlete knows it! As soon as one's own body no longer corresponds to the "untrained norm", it becomes difficult to find suitable clothing. This problem increases the more the body is trained and deviates further from the standard.
    That's why we made it our mission to create a fashion brand that sets new standards and redesigns clothing for bodybuilders.

    With us, the bodybuilder is the norm!

  • The emergence

    We started in 2019 by driving through Germany to measure the most different types of bodybuilders. With this information, after more than a year of measuring and customizing, we succeeded in developing a shirt cut exclusively for this target group. With our fashion label Wiehenstahl, we have now made it our mission to design clothing for bodybuilders and to become a complete outfitter in the field of elegant fashion for bodybuilders.

  • The environmental idea

    We at Wiehenstahl have high standards for our products without losing sight of the environment.
    For example, we already pay the recycling costs for our packaging to the "Green Dot" in advance, ship exclusively climate-neutral with the "GoGreen" service of DHL and consciously do without plastic for our packaging.

    Thus, our exclusive and elegant clothing for bodybuilders in the best possible harmony with nature.


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Are you as enthusiastic about our fashion as we are? Then become a part of the team now! 
We are always looking for influencers, advertising partners, distributors and models for our fashion. If you think you are just the right person for us, you should contact us directly! Just write us an email to model@wiehenstahl.com

We look forward to seeing you!


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