The Wiehenstahl model team

Learn more about our bodybuilders in front of the camera

  • Dennis Wolf

    Bei den Arnold Classics 2014 erlangte Dennis als erster Deutscher in der 27-jährigen Geschichte dieses Wettkampfes den ersten Platz. Für mehr Infos zu Dennis klick auf sein Bild.

  • Antonio Fernandes Dias

    Sport hat in seinem Leben schon immer eine große Rolle gespielt und das Fitnessstudio ist seine Leidenschaft. Für mehr Infos zu "Toni" klick auf sein Bild.

  • Mathias Benecki

    Mathias has been training for many years and is an absolute professional when it comes to nutrition and training. For more info about Mathias click on his picture.

  • Lucas Alexander Guido

    Lucas started training in the gym at the age of 16. Meanwhile he is IFBB - professional bodybuilder. For more info about Lucas click on his picture.

  • Michael Dreger

    Our Level 1 - Natural Bodybuilder Michael is a passionate bodybuilder for many years. For more info about Michael click on his picture.

  • Christian Drost

    The "Vegan Hulk" is with almost 2m height our biggest model. For more info about Christian click on his picture.

  • Can Gekik

    Can started competing on stage at an early age and has won many awards to date. For more info about Can click on his picture.

  • Werde das neue Wiehenstahl Bodybuilder Model

    We want you

    Would you like to become a Wiehenstahl model? Then get in touch with us! For more info click on the picture.