Michael Dreger

Michael Dreger Wiehenstahl

Michael is 170cm / 5' 7" tall and has a chest measurement of 106cm / 41¾".
His recommended shirt size is: Level 1 - short

Michael's way to bodybuilding:

"I started playing American football. I was an athletic, fast and good player, but I had one drawback. I'm quite small at 170 cm and was rather a lanky guy at the beginning of my training career. With my 60kg, I quickly reached my limits with heavier players. As a pragmatic and direct person, I started strength training and focused more on nutrition to improve my physical constitution. I was able to achieve success, but for a long time I was still fixated on getting better at my team sport. The fascination for a strong and powerful body was already deeply anchored at that time. After many enjoyable and successful years in American football, the time came for me to do my military service. After the end of my service, I steadily gave myself over to iron fever and to this day my passion for bodybuilding has grown steadily."

Michael's statement on Wiehenstahl shirts:

"As I always rely on good and stylish clothing at work, shirts are everyday wear for me. Unfortunately, the physical changes due to bodybuilding make it complicated to find reasonably fitting/cut shirts. Fit on top, I wear sack on the bottom and fit on the bottom, I can't get the buttons closed on top. This is why Wiehenstahl shirts appeal to me, because let's face it, every strength athlete/bodybuilder/set any sport that makes the body deviate from the standard knows this problem."

For more info on Michael, check out his Instagram account: Instagram: @herculean_michael