Christian Drost

Wiehenstahl Bodybuilder Model im Hemd Christian Drost
Chris is 196cm / 6' 5" tall and has a chest circumference of 121cm / 47⅔.
His recommended shirt size is: Level 3 - Long.
Note: In the photo Chris is wearing the size Level 4 - Long. This gives him a very loose shirt, with extra freedom of movement.


Christians Weg zum Bodybuilding:

"I'm 1.96m tall and I've always been interested in how muscle growth works. However, I never wanted to be a bodybuilder. Nevertheless, I landed in 2015, more bad than right, the first time on a competition stage. The "how" has always interested me! In the meantime, I have already been able to participate in over 10 competitions."

Christian's bodybuilding achievements (excerpt):

  • German Championship 2017/2018/2019: Place 5/3/4
  • NRW Championship 2017/2018/2019: Place 2/2/1
  • International Franconian Championship 2017/2018: 2nd place
  • Grand Prix de Luxembourg 2017: 3rd place (open men's class)
  • Siggi's Open Contest 2017: Place 1

Christian's achievements as a coach (excerpt):

Christian's "clients" could already clear some titles! Among others:

  • NRW Champion
  • Winner of his class & overall winner Classic Bodybuilding over 178cm
  • Fulda Newcomer Place 4
  • Franconian championship place 2
  • State champion NRW place 1
  • German championship place 5
  • South German Championship: Junior Champ, winner of his class South German Junior and Masters, South German Champion
  • Winner of his class NRW State Championships
  • Qualification for DM, 4th place(!) German Championship
  • Vice German Champion 2019
  • Tables victory of the summer league: LUBECA MuscleBeach 2019
  • Winner of his class & overall winner Cologne Beach Style
  • Winner of his class AMERICAN DREAM
  • Winner of his class Arnold Classics Barcelona
  • International German Champion
  • 5-time NRW state champion
  • Winner Summer Cup 2017

Christian's statement on Wiehenstahl shirts:

"First of all, we, the athletes, walk around in joggers every day, but that does not mean that we do not even like to dress up. Thick arms, wide shoulders and a narrow waist often make this difficult and if what was found, the materials are usually not high quality, consist of stretch material or T-shirt-like fabric. In short, it often looks cheap. Very different with Wiehenstahl."


Christian is himself active as a coach and trainer. His customer group is broadly diversified. From the "normal hobby athlete" to the most diverse sports to the professional bodybuilder, everything is represented.

Would you also like to fit into a Wiehenstahl shirt? Then get in touch with Christian! You can find more info on his Instagram account: @christiandrostcoaching