Lucas Alexander Guido

Wiehenstahl Bodybuilder Model Lucas Alexander Guido
Lucas is 166cm / 5' 5½" tall and has a chest circumference of 115cm / 45¼".
His recommended shirt size is: Level 2 - short.
Attention: On the photo Lucas wears the size Level 3 - short. This gives him a very loose shirt, with extra freedom of movement.


Lucas-Alexanders Way to Bodybuilding:

"I was already enthusiastic about going to the gym when I was 16. At first, I followed my older friends from the skate park to the gym. After I stepped on the gas more and more, my body started to look pretty good. But it wasn't until I met Christian Drost that I really started to pursue the whole thing with competitive ambitions. I met him for the first time when I was 18, when the partying started, "gogo dancing" in the club. Through the friendship that developed from that, we also became more and more bodybuilders. In the meantime, I was able to participate in over 15 competitions."

Lucas-Alexanders Bodybuilding-Successes (excerpt):

  • Tripple NRW Champion
  • South German Champion / Vice Champion
  • 4th place Junior EM
  • LoadedCup 2016
  • International German Champion

Lucas-Alexanders Wiehenstahl shirts statement:

"Finding shirts that fit is always hard when you grow in the torso. If I buy a shirt in XL as a small man with 1.66m, then it is reasonably fitting on the top, but so long that it could also be a sleeping dress. "


Lucas-Alexander is himself active as a coach and trainer. His client group is broadly diversified. From the housewife to the gifted athlete, everything is represented.

You would also like to fit into a Wiehenstahl shirt? Then get in touch with Lucas-Alexander! You can find more info on his Instagram account: @lucasalexanderguido